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*Translated from german

Alexander Otto, CEO ECE Projektmanagement GmbH&Co.KG

„Since my  almost 20-years close collaboration with Klaus Striebich, I was always deeply impressed by his strong engagement, the profound knowledge and his goal orientation. Even extraordinary difficult projects have been led to success by his great persuasiveness. In this time he has evolved to an outstanding ambassador of our industry. “

Wilhelm Wellner (†), CEO Dt.Euroshop AG

„Excellent knowledge of the Retail- and Shopping-Center-Market as well as a high  specialized and personal trustfulness are building the basis of a longterm and successful  collaboration with Klaus Striebich in the business as well as in the Supervisory Board of DeutscheEuroshop AG.“

Dr.Adam-Claus Eckert, Inhaber Unternehmensgruppe Dr.Eckert

„Since many years Klaus Striebich is accompanying and supporting me in the Advisory Board of UGDE-Group with valuable advice. The collaboration is characterized by great mutual trustfulness, expert knowledge and affinity,  whereby his wide knowledge about Retail is a great benefit for us.“

Hans-Peter Wellendorff, Schmuckmanufaktur Wellendorff

„it is always a big pleasure and enrichment to discuss our strategical targets with Klaus Striebich. His valuable contributions are constructive and target-aimed in relation with the collaboration  in our Family Advisory Board.“

Jürgen Schwarze, CFO Metro Properties

„The collaboration in the Advisory Board of MEC – a joint-venture of Metro-Group AG and ECE – is always characterized  by great trustfulness and cooperation. His Detail- and Market-knowledge have led the necessary decisions into the  right direction and to good results.“

Bettina Klier, KlierHairGroup

„For the newly established supervisory board of KlierHairGroup, with Klaus Striebich we have found a person with experience, retail knowledge and a strategical view, who could help to develop our company very well. He is well known in our family for many years, what has enabled a very trustful cooperation from the very beginning.”

Claus Vogt, CEO Intesia-Group

„For many years I am linked with Klaus Striebich, having always a close business exchange. With the appointment to the advisory board of Intesia-Group it was successful having his experience and his distinguished contacts from the Shopping-Center- and Retail-Industry in our international operating company. His experience in sales and marketing are markedly helpful and valuable for the development of our business.“

Kurt Krieger, Krieger Handels SE

„Around the complex topics of shopping-center development, especially in conception and placing of shopping-centers, our company is drawing on the wide experience and expertise of Klaus Striebich.“

Edda Metz, CMC Center Management GmbH

„In case of development of retail real estate our group is consulting Mr.Striebich in many questions, where he – based on his wide experience - could always present a solution in difficult project developments.“

Alexander Zoern, Blume2000

„Blume2000 everywhere in Germany – also next around your corner ! To achieve these ambitious targets, we have had Klaus Striebich as our partner aboard. His decades-long experience, combined with outstanding knowledge of the industry and especially his great network has advanced our whole expansion team. With his target-oriented and structured way of working Klaus Striebich has helped us to speed up our expansion plans. With our common work we could intensify running projects and  start a number of new ones.“

Peter Gosteli, Migros Aare

„In questions concerning conceptions of tenant portfolio and further development of our shopping-centers in the region of Migros Aare, Mr.Striebich could support us very well with his long-term experience. His target-oriented approach and cooperative manners have been very helpful for us.“

Prof.Stephan Kippes, HfWU Geislingen

„Since many years, Klaus Striebich is doing lectures at the HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen University on the subject of Shopping-Center Management. In addition he had also a teaching assignment in summer semester 2017. The feedback of the audience and students have described the lectures always very interesting, inspiring and entertaining. He is excellently imparting the combination of practical expertise with  theoretical derivation of the subjects. Moreover, for many years he is also member of the prestigious Jury of the Immobilienmarketing-Award.”

Wolfgang Sauerzapf, (former) Managing Director / Member of the Executive Committee Peek & Cloppenburg KG

“Thankfully, P&C was able to draw on the in-depth expertise of Klaus Striebich and his excellent network as part of our further considerations to open up international markets. The knowledge gained helped a lot to make good decisions.”

Reinhard Winiwarter, Editor and Managing Partner ACROSS Magazine

“Together with Klaus Striebich, ACROSS Magazine has created the new format of "Retail Talks" and developed it into a panel discussion that is widely recognized in the industry. The collaboration with Klaus Striebich is very valuable in terms of content, highly professional and fun”

Christoph Werner, CEO DM

„We know and appreciate Klaus Striebich as an accomplished expert on the shopping center industry. We find his expertise extremely inspiring.”